Mitsubishi Triton, Powerful with Good Performance

The use of the Mitsubishi Triton type pick-up car has a high ground clearance, so it is very good in various types of difficult terrain. This is one of the advantages of the Triton compared to other types of cars. Here are some of the features of this pick up for you to consider: 1. Tough Exterior Design Suitable for Various Types of Terrain The exterior of this car tends to be reliable and sturdy. This Mitsubishi product car uses a sturdy and lightweight Rise Body. This pick up car gives the impression of a dashing exterior and is suitable for use in all terrains. The masculine appearance of the Mitshubishi Triton variant is the GLX 4×2 single cabin or the Mitsubishi Hi Rider 4X2. Not only masculine, both variants have exteriors with high ground clearance. In addition to the two types of Triton above, you can display the Mitsubishi Triton Athlete variant with a sporty and dashing appearance. The sporty impression is known from the use of girlle, 17-inch alloy wheels, stylish body stri

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Nissan has unveiled new series crossover SUV car it’s Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet will be debut it at Los Angeles Auto Show. This car as the world’s first all-wheel drive crossover convertible, Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet breaks new ground in both the crossover SUV and convertible segments. Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet has a 2-door, open top variant of the 4-door Murano SUV/crossover. It comes with a 3.5 liter V6 doling out 265 bhp (198 kW) and 248 lb-ft (336 Nm) of torque coupled to an Xtronic CVT transmission.  The cabrio’s top is hydraulically operated with an automated latch/unlatch function. Trunk space with the top down is 7.6 cubic feet (0.2 cubic meters). Other technology includes the High Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-xenon headlights and the LED taillights similar to those on the Nissan 370Z. Nissan believes the Murano CrossCabriolet provides all the advantages of a convertible without any of the drawbacks such as a lack of flexible usage and too little trunk space.

BMW 1-Series Convertible

BMW car Maker has unveiled new sport car modification for BMW 1 Series Convertible with accentuate efficiency and premium quality. The new design of the front fascia includes BMW’s innovative Air Curtain that counters turbulence near the wheel arches and so reduces the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle. New exterior design accents have been incorporated into the headlight and tail light clusters. In the interior, new switches and controls have a more refined look and feel. Just like the hard top coupe, BMW 1 Series Convertible will come fitted with either a 3.0-litre naturally aspirated inline 6 engine producing 230 HP and 200 lb-ft of torque or a 3.0-litre inline-6 with a single twin-scroll turbocharger developing 300 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque. These engines badged as the 128i or the 135i will send power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT gearbox, with the manual version 135i sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds while the DCT equipped model takes 5.3 se

Mercedes BLK

Mercedes started teasing thinking about developing a Mercedes BLK product back when BMW announced the actual X1 and Audi divulged the Q3 crossover. It was a particular market in which Mercedes couldn’t be competitive in for not enough a vehicle, because the GLK turned out to be recommended, why not fill the void in the fighting market by sliding any model. Mercedes BLK proved to be a model that became the idea very good idea, and will fill a void in the market competition and shift the model underneath. Mercedes BLK constructed on the same MFA architecture (Mercedes Front-wheel drive architecture) because the next era A-Class and B-Class. All of us expect to view a design language inspired through the Concept A-Class revealed earlier this year, however adapted to some production edition model. The interior will combine the latest technologies and will offer you enough space for about five-people. Mercedes BLK Features And Performance Under the hood of Mercedes BLK, expect to see the id

McLaren F1, Super Lightweight Coupe

This is the car that started the exotic supercar business. To be sure, there had been odd exotics, such as the Porsche 959 and the Jaguar XJ220, but it was the sheer brilliance of the McLaren F1 that created a new type of car for road or track. In fact, there were a batch of race cars as well as the 60-odd road cars built and sold for about $1 million each. Ahead of its time in structure, aerodynamics and sheer performance The specification was miles ahead of its time, not just in the amount of power available, but in the advanced body structure and aerodynamics. More than anything, though, this was a car that gained from its racing car heritage, whereas some suffer from it: it is simple, lightweight, extremely efficient, yet easy to drive. Much of the performance advantage comes from the simple, advanced design which made it very light a curb weight of just 2,504 lb (1,137 kg), which is 530 lb less than the Carrera GT, the latest design from Porsche. A huge difference. A top speed of

Porsche 911 Carrera, Supercar Performance All-Round

Porsche do many things so brilliantly that you're impressed as soon as you start asking the new Porsche 911 Carrera to get a move on. In fact, everything looks right as soon as you open the door and slide in. Quality beams at you, but more important on a fast car, once adjusted, everything seems in the right place. So when I got onto my favorite test route, I'm getting the flavour straight away. Ease out of a T-junction, squirt into a tight S-bend, where the road narrows a bit, with walls on each side, another squirt and brake for the the right turn off onto a minor road. Loves tricky bends and short straights It's a tricky bend, more than a right-angle, and is followed by a left-handler. The 911 just sails around without any roll, and soon I'm accelerating hard no I'm not as there's a slow car in the way, and a bend ahead. Check brake, and wait till after the bend, and the road is clear. Floor the throttle; the car we're overtaking seems to stand still as w

Maserati MC12 Versione Corse

A semi-racing car, the Maserati MC12 Versione Corse joins the band of truly exotic cars, as only 12 or so will be built. The car is based on the racing version of the MC12 the GT1 which won the FIA GT1 championships in 2005 and 2006. But this is a very high-powered car, although not up to the power output of the Ferrari FXX, Koenigsegg CCX. The Enzo-based 6.0 liter engine is tuned to develop 755 bhp, which will make the car mega-quick. To meet the GT1 regulations, the MC12 GT1 is detuned to 600 bhp, so this is a rare case of the private owner getting more power than the works team. This is a sort of trackday special, for the man or woman who has everything! Evidently, it does not meet the regulations that would allow it to be driven on the road, and there is no class of racing for which it is suitable, nor has Maserati announced any series of meetings for the car. Although the Ferrari FXX is in a similar situation, Ferrari has arranged a series of events for owners. Maserati V-12 engin