Mitsubishi Triton, Powerful with Good Performance

The use of the Mitsubishi Triton type pick-up car has a high ground clearance, so it is very good in various types of difficult terrain. This is one of the advantages of the Triton compared to other types of cars. Here are some of the features of this pick up for you to consider:

1. Tough Exterior Design Suitable for Various Types of Terrain

The exterior of this car tends to be reliable and sturdy. This Mitsubishi product car uses a sturdy and lightweight Rise Body.

This pick up car gives the impression of a dashing exterior and is suitable for use in all terrains.

The masculine appearance of the Mitshubishi Triton variant is the GLX 4×2 single cabin or the Mitsubishi Hi Rider 4X2. Not only masculine, both variants have exteriors with high ground clearance.

In addition to the two types of Triton above, you can display the Mitsubishi Triton Athlete variant with a sporty and dashing appearance. The sporty impression is known from the use of girlle, 17-inch alloy wheels, stylish body stripping and so on.

2. Large Cargo Body Capacity

You can find many variations of Mitsubishi Triton in the market. These various variants are not only reliable and strong to survive on roads with difficult terrain.

However, the capacity of the car also has a large cargo box. The cargo capacity of the Mitsubishi Triton is the largest in its class with a range of 3,263 cubic meters.

3. Powerful Engine with Good Performance

All Mitsubishi Triton variants use the same engine including 16 valves, Direct Diesel Injection, DOHC, 4D56 and Turbocharger which can provide power values ​​ranging from 100 PS to 178 PS.

Achievement of torque from the power ranges from 200-400 Nm. This power is used to be channeled through two types of transmission options including, a 5-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission.

4. Have Several Types Of Vehicle Modes

The use of Mitsubishi Triton in all variants is also supported by the vehicle mode. Some of them include, sport mode system, FWD drive system mode, 2WD and so on.

The use of the sport mode system is used to drive with higher power, while the low FWD mode can be used according to the conditions of the road being passed.